Services and technology to make any Land team 'data ready.'

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Most people don’t go into the land business because they want to become data scientists.

Increasingly, though, executives and investors expect land teams to operate on par with engineers and geophysicists when it comes to data analytics. That’s an especially tall order because land work has fewer data standards than other technical disciplines.

Landdox helps customers meet the data readiness challenge with a combination of professional services and technology tools developed with real-world input from countless land teams.


In the wake of an acquisition or merger, a new asset owner is often provided a data dump from the seller and otherwise left in the lurch to untangle the data.

Landdox excels at decoding raw data from legacy land systems and making it ready for integration into a modern land system.

This saves our customers from spending precious time and brain power learning a data model they'll never use again.


Landdox works collaboratively with our customers who want a little more help standing up their account.

That includes advice on naming, organization models, field and form customization, and batch uploading document image and map shapefiles.

Once the source data is harmonized, Landdox importer tools help ensure an accurately populated account delivered in a fraction of the time traditionally required for data conversions.


Other software hungry for accurate land data are proliferating inside energy companies -- analytics dashboards, GIS-based master maps, accounting software, and more.

CEOs increasingly expect land teams to provide seamless real-time feeds into these apps.

Landdox offers APIs (application programming interfaces) and integrations into other commonly used oil & gas software, making it painless to feed the data beast.