Land Management System

Everything an upstream company needs to acquire, develop and monetize its land position.

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Customize Landdox to meet your needs

Because no company is the same, Landdox allows users to create their own unique ways of organizing land holdings. Create custom data fields, reformat layouts, and build new types of forms. Any fields created are instantly available as search filters and reporting parameters.

Embedded data validation ensures that you avoid the "garbage in, garbage out" trap.


Search, Advanced

Landdox offers intuitive keyword and advanced search filters instead of archaic query builder tools.

Users can uncover details buried in land records and document files in milliseconds. No database skills required.

Needles in the haystack, delivered in a flash with Landdox.

Search, Advanced
Comprehensive Maps
Comprehensive Maps

Comprehensive Maps Made Easy

Landdox users build the maps they need right inside Landdox — no expensive investment in software and servers required.

Landdox integrates the best open source GIS tools into our platform, making many of the powerful mapping capabilities you use at home available to you at work.

Portfolio Reporting & Analytics

Farewell to Canned Reports

Freed from the constraints of rigid databases, Landdox offers virtually unlimited reporting capabilities.

Obligations, rentals, expirations, acreage calculations can be tracked and reported by interest type, by interest owner, by formation -- by any parameter you can dream up.

Drag-and-drop to format your report, set the data filters, and go. It's that simple.

Portfolio Reporting & Analytics
Data Importer

Copy, Paste, and Go

'Data conversion' has long been a four-letter word for land teams.

The Landdox Importer completely transforms the process of integrating a seller's land records.

It's now simply a matter of copy, paste, and click. What previously took months now takes minutes, slashing costs and freeing your team to focus on data quality and accuracy.

Acquisition integration has never been this easy.

Document Management

A Truly Digital File Room

Documents lie at the heart of land work. That's why document management is fully integrated into every facet of Landdox.

Easily link documents to any combination of records. Landdox automatically OCRs and converts your scanned documents into highly searchable text.

At Landdox, land paperwork is not a problem. It's part of the solution.

Well Decks Sourced from the Land Position
DOI & Well Decks

Well Decks Sourced from the Land Position

DOI and well deck calculations are grounded in lease, tract, and unit relationships.

Yet, most operators still run the numbers using a combination of division order software and spreadsheets that are completely divorced from their lease records system.

Landdox has a one-click DOI calculator that rolls up the DOI math at a unit and well level based on the underlying land records. That's why, with Landdox, the numbers always add up.