Reduce workload & enhance situational awareness by linking Landdox with other great apps.

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Gain powerful insights by integrating Landdox & Drillinginfo

Landdox users who are also Drillinginfo subscribers can sign into their DI account inside of Landdox. Using Landdox's mapping tools, users can view their own land data next to DI's industry leading public data, including:

  • lease expirations
  • leasing activity
  • permit data
  • well production data
  • wellbore trajectories
  • and more!
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Own Oklahoma with OCC scouting from Organon data

See how OCC activity affects your Oklahoma acreage with Organon Data’s Landdox integration. Enhance your Landdox maps with overlays of:

  • permit, spud, & completion well sticks
  • pooling applications & orders
  • spacing applications & orders
  • spuds
  • and more!
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Turbocharge lease & contract review with AI from ThoughtTrace

Brief 1,000s of oil & gas records in minutes -- without opening a single document -- thanks to Landdox’s ground-breaking integration with AI innovator ThoughtTrace.

Sync your Landdox and ThoughtTrace ALI™ accounts and seamlessly transform low-value PDFs into structured data about leases and contracts that you can then search, analyze, and map.

The industry’s only ‘Easy Button’ for turning PDFs into robustly populated land records.

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